Great on deadlines, working with Trevor is a true pleasure.”

- Iain Fenton: Sales and Marketing Director, Bales Worldwide

Working with UK based and overseas clients, charity organisations, NGOs and production companies, Agama has developed a close working relationship with a wide-ranging and innovative client base; providing copy, creativity and a calm approach to an ever-expanding list of challenging briefs.

So, whether you are looking for enticing brochure copy, impassioned product enhancement or simply an informed and punchy press release, Agama can provide the ideal solution to your copywriting needs.

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Languishing beside the shores of the Bay of Bengal, Pondicherry is a city juggling the colourful chaos of twenty-first century India with the reminders of a French colonial heritage that is still very much in evidence along its quiet, bougainvillea-lined back streets. Home to the internationally famed Sri Aurobindo Ashram and the New Age charms of Auroville, the city today presents visitors with an engaging mix of Tamil tradition, Gallic chic and Indian energy. But I wasn’t here for the sea air or the meditative calm.

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Travels with Martina

For Martina Navratilova it was to prove an ignominious end to what had been a particularly tough year. As she lay strapped to a stretcher, breathing from an emergency oxygen supply, the winner of 18 Grand Slam titles had chance to reflect on a year that had begun with her breaking her wrist, had then seen her diagnosed with breast cancer and was now ending with her being evacuated off a mountain with a life threatening case of high altitude pulmonary oedema.

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In the Cheap Seats, where Murder Breeds...

One of the pivotal decades of the 20th Century, the 1980s brought Britain, Margaret Thatcher and the Falklands War, the rise of greed and the fall of the unions. It was a decade of remarkable contrasts, that began with IRA hunger strikes and inner cities riots and ended with the invention of the World Wide Web. These were serious times, predating the arrival of Twitter and smart phones and the annoying banality of the ‘celebrity’ culture. Nuclear war was still a very real threat and the only bulwarks we had against Communism back then were Ronald Reagan and John Rambo!

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Objects of Affection...

Birthdays have a way of focusing the mind. As the relentless march of time and the inevitable onslaught of middle age take their toll, past adventures provide a nostalgic distraction from the painful realisation that the chocolate cake isn’t the only thing that is rapidly disappearing. Thankfully, after over three decades of travelling around this planet, I seem to have acquired a lot of distractions...

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The Final Journey...

After 14 long, painful and contentious years, the last voyage of the Solway Harvester is finally coming to an end. The boat’s sinking, in storm force winds off the Isle of Man on the late afternoon of the 11 January 2000, still remains the worst maritime disaster to ever occur in Manx waters. All seven crew were lost including two brothers and two 17 year old friends. The effect of the tragedy on the small Scottish community of Whithorn was profound, but what set this incident apart was what happened next.

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The Earth Dies Screaming...

Natural disasters, by their very nature, don’t distinguish between religious, economic or cultural boundaries. They will happily lay waste to whatever lies in their path, whether it be a remote rural village, a presidential palace or a nuclear power station.

...It’s what happens next that defines them.

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